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Last Updated: Jul 10, 2011 10:20AM EDT
1954 – Tlusty discovers theory of “Self-Excited Vibrations” at the the Research Institute for Machine Tools and Metal Cutting Technology in Prague.
1969 - Tlusty directs research in Machine Tool Testing Statndards at the University of Manchester
1971 - Tlusty  contributed significantly to the fundamentals of machine tool dynamics, chatter in milling, adaptive control, tool condition monitoring and modeling of metal cutting process at McMaster University
1985 - Tlusty founds Machine Tool Research Center at the University of Florida
1985 – Tlusty founds Manufacturing Laboaratories Inc., (MLI) with two graduate students Tom Delio and Scott Smith.
1986 – Dave Barton founds AMS in San Jose, California.
1989 – Barton begins research on CNC optimization through “In-Process Gaging” at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories.
1989 – MLI releases first commercially available DOS based Milling Simulation Package.
1990 – Delio invents device for measuring machine tool harmonics with microphone
1990 – Delio and Smith develop unique PTP graphs for chatter evaluation and generation of lobing diagrams. 
1991 – Phase II Air Force Spindle award results in development of first comprehensive Cutting Performance Analyzer (CPA)
1992 – First commercially installed Chatter vibration monitoring and avoidance package delivered to Makino customer.
1992 – Spindle Analysis (SPA) Package and Milling Simulation (MilSim) packages developed. 
1992 – Delio awarded patent #5,170,358 for Harmonizer®
1995 – Barton founds Omat Control Technologies to develop and market “Adaptive Feed Controls” in U.S.
1996 – Omat and MLI collaborate on demonstration at Westec 1996.
2002 – Barton founds BlueSwarf in San Jose (Slicon Valley).
2002 – BlueSwarf moves to State College, PA at Penn State University's Innovation Park
2002 – BlueSwarf wins $35,000 Prize for Statewide Ben Franklin Business Plan Contest.
2002 – BlueSwarf awarded challenge grant by Ben Franklin Technology Partners.
2002 – BlueSwarf introduces new company at IMTS 2002.
2003 – Barton and Delio named founding alliance partners to NCDMM.
2003 – BlueSwarf and MLI form "BlueSwarf Manufacturing Laboartories"
2004 - BlueSwarf and MLI are selected as top emerging technologies by GE Fanuc and AMT for IMTS 2004.
2004 – BlueSwarf signs alliance partnership with Kennametal, creates "Kennametal 360" Program
2005 – BlueSwarf hosts Technology Seminar at Kennametal World Headquarters.
2005 – BlueSwarf participates 11-city roadshow sponsored by AMTDA.
2005 – BlueSwarf signs partnership agreement with AMTDA.
2006 - Kennametal 360 is exhbited at IMTS 2008
2006 - Dashboard is developed
2008 - BlueSwarf and MLI are selected as Top Distruptive Technologies in Manufacturing by Boeing and AMRC at IMTS 2008
2010 - BlueSwarf Manufacturing Laboartories LLC shortened to "BlueSwarf LLC"
2011 - Tool Optimization and Management System (TOMS) is developed

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