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Last Updated: Jul 22, 2011 10:54AM EDT
Saved $1.5 Million.
Major aerospace manufacturer with dedicated tool optimization team. Tested 15 previously optimized milling tools in one machining center. Metal removal improvement ranged from 10% to 141% for an average of 45%. Annualized savings of $1.5 Million.
Saved $9.8 Million.
Military supply depot. Tested 54 Milling Tool Assemblies. Productivity improvements ranged from -8% to +508% for an average of 85%. Total annualized savings of $9.8 Million.
300% Improvement.
Big Three Automaker. Tested and processed 250 milling tool assemblies in SNK gantry mill. Tripled metal removal rate. Spindle life quadrupled. Tool life doubled.
$7 Million in Annual Savings.
Major Aerospace Contractor. Tested 30 tools. Slowed down two tools 25 and 58%. The remaining 28 tools increased metal removal rate from 20% to 526% for an average productivity improvement of 101%. Saved $7 Million in one year.
One Tool. $187,500 in Savings.
Small Job Shop. Tap tested one milling tool on a Fanuc Robo-Drill and saved 30 seconds per part. They made 300,000 parts per year, saving them 2500 hours at $75/hour shop rate or $187,500.
Saved $250,000.
Automotive steel tubing part. Tested and optimized one milling tool. Reduced part cost from $10 to $0.81. Customer saved $250,000 per year.
Saved $8750 in Tooling Costs.
Small die shop machining cast iron. 1-1/2" face mill with four inserts. Old process was 1146 RPM, 23 IPM, 0.35" width of cut, 0.125" DOC with excessive chatter frequently chipping inserts. New process was 2120 RPM, 84" IPM, 0.04" DOC with no chatter. Saved $8750 a year in replacement insert costs.
400% Increased Throughput.
Small job shop machining aluminum with long overhang (11:1) 3/8" endmill. Initial process was 12,000 RPM, 0.03mm DOC, limited because of chatter. Slowed speed to 9500 RPM, increasing DOC to 0.15". Saved Ten Minutes per part.
Saved $30,000 on Short Run Job.
Small prototype shop machining 6061 aluminum part. Initial process was 5200 RPM, 1040 mm/min, 3.8mm DOC with no chatter. Increased speed to 12,000 RPM, 2400 mm/min same DOC with no chatter. Saved 8 hours or $600 per part. 50 part run saved $30,000.
300% Cycle Time Improvement.
Small job shop. Long endmill machining 6061 aluminum. Old process was 8500 RPM, 15 IPM, 0.05" DOC with chatter (2.58 minutes per cycle). New process was 7550 RPM, 45 IPM, 0.04" DOC with no chatter, thus eliminating finishing pass. New cycle was 45 Seconds Per Part saving $6600 in one year.
254% Improvement.
Aerospace machine shop. 3/4" diameter carbide endmill with 8" projection. Factory recommended speeds, feeds and depths of cut produced chatter. User reduced depth of cut to stablize. Tap-test yielded 254% improvement over stable.
4.5X Improvement.
A major energy company asked us to test two similar tools from two manufacturers that they were considering. Ordinarily, they would bring in sales engineers from both companies and let them do a run-off. Entails hours, if not days or weeks, of trial and error before they present their final results. A lot of downtime for the customer. Five minutes of tap-tests and we delivered the following predictions (validated with actual machining tests):
Brand X - 9500 RPM at 0.05" Depth of Cut (1.4 cubic inches of metal removed)
Brand Y - 14,000 RPM at 0.150" Depth of Cut (6.3 cubic inches) 4.5X DIFFERENCE!
300% Improvement in Titanium.
Aerospace machine shop. Random chatter with multiple endmills on high end HSK 100 horizontal CNC during deep low-radial immersion finish endmilling using less than 10% of spindle power. Customer spent 3 months tested numerous tool and toolholder designs and large DOE with different cutting parameters. We improved process 300% over original parameters with no random chatter.
Saved $10,000 in Stainless Steel.
Small job shop machining 17-4 PH stainless part. Initial process was 2250 RPM, 85.5 mm/min, 8mm DOC with occasional chatter. Increased speed slightly to 2500 RPM, 95 mm/min completely eliminating chatter. Scrap from intermittent chatter eliminated. Saved $10,000 per year in throughput and tool savings.
Current and past customers include; General Motors, Boeing, Lockheed, Korea Air, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, Kennametal, Ingersoll, Toyota, Airbus, Y-12 Oak Ridge, Spirit Aerosystems, Voight Aircraft, GKN Aerospace, Ping Golf, Johnson & Johnson, DePuy, Honeywell, BAE Systems, Ford, Chrysler, Caterpillar, John Deere, Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, General Dynamics.

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