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Last Updated: Jul 18, 2011 10:40PM EDT
“Annual U.S. expenditures on machining operations total 2% ($250 Billion) of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Due to the inherent complexity of manufacturing processes, process development is often ad-hoc and empirical. Process parameters, such as machining speeds, feed rates, and tool selection, are typically chosen by costly, trial-and-error prototyping, with the resulting solutions often sub-optimal.”

The inefficiencies described above, cost manufacturers over $100 Billion annually. Patented and proven BlueSwarf technology can recover that lost productivity. BlueSwarf’s science-based approach eliminates and controls vibration, also known as chatter, the primary limiting factor in machining. BlueSwarf’s breakthrough Tool Dashboard™ enables users to determine the maximum achievable speeds, feeds and cutting depths for their existing machines, tools and applications, thus eliminating all trial and error testing. The average result is a 30% increase in productivity, doubling of tool life, increased accuracy, reduced scrap and reduced set-up times.

BlueSwarf technology has been developed over the past eight years at a cost of over $4 Million leveraging over $20 Million in sponsored research. BlueSwarf has a world class technology and management team with over 300 years of combined experience in the machining industry. BlueSwarf is partnered with the machining industry’s largest media company, Gardner Publications, its largest trade group, the American Machine Tool Distributors Association, as well as, many top research centers and universities. BlueSwarf has two U.S. and twelve international patents, three registered trademarks and is cited in three recent text books. We are located in State College, Pennsylvania across the street from Penn State University.
Ask BlueSwarf is a powerful free service for all users of high speed/high performance (HSM/HPM) machining. We have gathered the World's finest HSM/HPM experts from industry, research and academia. Simply post your question, attach videos, sound files or files. Your question is automatically forwarded to the appropriate expert or experts. Their answer will be emailed to you and will be searchable on the website.


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