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Boeing High Speed Machining Seminar

Last Updated: Sep 30, 2015 03:56PM EDT
At IMTS 2008, Boeing Research and Technology Group (the Phantom Works) gave a series of presentations on high speed machining of aluminum and titanium.
Here is an excerpt from the Boeing Research and Technology Group at MMSonline:
"For us, the key to long tool life and good part finishes is dynamically testing all of our cutting tools first before high speed machining aluminum. By doing so, we find what is called the "sweet spot," which is the optimal rpm and depth of cut the cutting tool will run with no chatter regardless of step-over, full slot cutting or corners. Once we have these parameters, we program to them—confident that we will not have any cutting tool chatter issues. The system we use for this dynamic testing is called "MetalMax” (from BlueSwarf)."
You can download their presentations here:

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