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Last Updated: Jul 20, 2011 10:01PM EDT

Dial Up or Dial Down?
"Warner Robins contracted with the company BlueSwarf both to perform the tap-test analysis and to provide resources including the Tool Dashboard. BlueSwarf is a firm specializing in machine-tool vibration analysis. The company sells a “Metalmax” analysis kit for shops to perform this analysis internally, but the company also performs the analysis itself on-site, for shops that want to contract out this work"...more
The Online Optimizer
"Coming soon from BlueSwarf: The Machine Tool Genome Project promises to let almost any machine shop use its machining centers more productively. Shops will benefit from tap-test findings without personally tapping any of their own machines or tools"...more

High Speed Machining's Origin Moment
"If a history of “high speed machining” is ever written, it might include a moment in the late 1980s when Jerry Halley, of what was then McDonnell Douglas, heard from Ron Aarns that he was free to go ahead with the company’s development of HSM....The notion of using dramatically higher milling spindle speeds was not at all new when Mr. Halley turned to Dr. Scott Smith (now of the University of North Carolina—also a cofounder of BlueSwarf"...more

No Need for Speed
"Through vibration-analysis testing using the MetalMax system., Mr. Halley measured the frequency response characteristics for this machine to determine its ideal high-productivity spindle speeds for various standard tools in the shop. With this information, he determined new speeds, feed rates and depths of cut for programs to be run on the machine, but he didn’t have to change any tool paths. High speed machining tool paths that were already being run productively on the older machines could now be run even more productively on the new machine. The machine started making money for the shop almost as soon as it hit the floor"....more

Sweet, Sweet Spot
"The mic picks up the sound of the chatter, which is easy to hear through the closed doors of the machine, and the laptop records a sample as a data file. The software running on the laptop studies the sample and analyzes the vibrations detected in the data file. If chatter is present, the software then applies algorithms that determine what spindle rpm will fall within a stable speed range"...more
Find The Right Speed For Chatter-Free Milling
"The system (which the company calls "Harmonizer") consists of a microphone that connects to a PC, a hardware key and vibration analysis software"...more
A Subscription To Spindle Speeds
"The service relies on technology from BlueSwarf, a company in State College, Pennsylvania, that specializes in analyzing machine tool vibration"...more

Ten Questions About Chatter
"This test involves tapping the tool with a delicate hammer and measuring the frequency response with electronic equipment. The resulting graph of frequency response will suggest the system's various stable speeds. There is even software available that accomplishes something similar by listening to the cut with a microphone"...more
The Overhang Effect
"When chatter occurs, the natural reflex is to reduce spindle speed, but increasing the speed may in fact be a more productive response. Another common response to chatter is to switch to a tool with a smaller length-to-diameter ratio, because of the seeming stiffness of a shorter tool. In certain cases, however, a tool that reaches farther will deliver a superior cut"...more
Understanding Surface Location Error
"The tool that is no longer chattering is still vibrating. In fact, the tool is likely to vibrate with even greater amplitude when the chatter is quiet, because the low-chatter spindle speeds occur near those “natural frequencies” where the system inherently wants to vibrate"...more
Chatter Myths: Pieces of the Puzzle in Maximized Machining
"If you know the natural frequency of the stackup assembly, then you can suggest the best rpm and depth-of-cut of the machining operation so chatter does not occur"...more

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