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Last Updated: Apr 04, 2012 09:37PM EDT
Harmonizer (various versions)
    Purpose:  Machine monitoring.  Detection of chatter and resonant vibrations.  Additional purpose is on-the-fly speed adjustments to possibly correction chatter.   
   Example Use:  Cut is producing chatter unexpectedly and want to determine what the frequency is and if a stable speed can be immediately and quickly found.

TXF (frequency response analyzer):
   Purpose:  PREDICTION of stable and non-resonant spindle speed zones to include depth and width of cut.  Permits comparitive analysis of measurements and basic modal fitting and extraction of dynamic parameters.
   Example Use:  Want to compare expected dynamic performance and cutting capacity between two cutting tool setups or two different machines using the same cutting tool and then supply the data to the NC programmers before attempting any cutting.

SpinScope (General Purpose Data Collection)
  Purpose:  General collection of vibration data or any +/- 10 V data.  
   Example Use:  Want to check the on machine spindle and tool assembly balance to see if it is within spec.

MilSim:  (Milling Simulation Software)
  Purpose:  To determine values of cutting forces and cutter displacements in or out of chatter or resonant vibration.  
  Example Use:  Want to determine or compare or select a very specific speed within a stable range that minimizes total vibration.

Dashboards (Process Constraint Map Publication)
  Purpose:  To distill results from any analysis, usually from TXF, to best communicate to programmers and document for programmers the best areas to run a tool and to document the exact configuration (machine, tool, holder, setup) required.
  Example Use:  Create a library readily accessible and usable for non-vibration trained machining professionals such as NC Programmers.

Tooling Cloud
  Purpose: To organize and manage Dashboards.
  Example Use: Manage machine tools, maintenance reports, tooling and spares

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