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How to Install DC Kit Software

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2016 03:11PM EDT
You will receive your DC software either on a USB drive or by downloading from our website by CLICKING HERE. There are two .exe files to load.
Step 1: Login is Administrator

Make sure you are logged in as the computer's administrator. If you are not sure, please refer to this tutorial:
You may be able to load as the administrator using the following instructions:
If you are not able to login as the administrator try this:
Right Click on the .exe file to install and click on "Run as Administrator"

Step 2: Install DC Software First

Install the DC Software first. Click on the file named: DataCollectorInstall2013.exe (or right click on it and click Run as Administrator). The following window will open. Make sure all on the clicked buttons match this photo (you can toggle English to Metric is that is what you will use) with two changes. Click NONE for File Naming Preference. Also make sure the DT98327B button is clicked and click NONE if you are not using a software Dongle (kits shipped after January 1, 2013 do not use a Dongle). Click on the "Install Data Collector" button.

Step 3: Install OEM Software

After DC Software has finished installing, Click on the following file: SetupOEM.exe (or right click on it and click on Run as Administrator)

Step 4: Click NEXT

Step 5: Click INSTALL

Step 6: Click INSTALL

About mid-way through the installation, you may get this message window. Click Install to proceed.

Step 7: For 64 Bit Computers, Click OK

If you are installing on a 64 Bit Windows PC, you will get this message window. Click OK.

Step 8: Wait for software to load…

Step 9: Click FINISH

Software is now successfully loaded. Click Finish.

Step 10: Finished!

You must also copy the Sensor Database XML file and any other update database files (they will be in the Database Folder in your installation files) to your Documents>MetalMAX\Shared folder. Copy over existing files of the same name.
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