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How to use VP Harmonizer

Last Updated: Mar 28, 2013 09:41PM EDT

NOTE: The key pad will be eliminated from the figures so only the display of the Harmonizer will be shown in this and following sections.

Operation of the Pocket Harmonizer can be done in SIX steps.


Enter the current spindle speed



Enter the maximum spindle speed



Enter the number of effective cutting edges



Enter the desired recording length



Select the Threshold method



Make the recording

Subsequent operation of the Harmonizer uses many of the above inputs so they are input only once. The next set of screen shots shows in detail the step-by-step procedure.

1. Enter the Current Spindle speed which is the speed (rpm) during cutting while the recording is taken. 

2. Enter the Maximum Speed that you are willing to allow for a suggested spindle speed.

3. Enter the number of "effective" cutting edges (flutes, inserts) and press enter.

4. Enter the desired Recording Length (seconds) and press enter.

5. Select the Threshold Setting Method (most common is 1) and press enter.

6. Ready to run. Wait for the tool to start cutting and press enter to begin the recording.

The Harmonizer records the cutting sound and then analyzes the signal. It is best to start the recording as the tool enters the cut, soon thereafter, or in the area of the cut that is of most interest. The recording screen is shown below during recording. Note the Indicator Light is YELLOW to indicate it is recording. After recording is complete Pocket Harmonizer analyzes the signal as shown on the right, reporting the spindle speed detected or previously set, and displays the threshold setting being used.

After the analysis is complete it will either (a) report that chatter is found similar to the screen shot below left with a red indicator light or (b) report that no chatter was present (shown later). The reported spindle speed is slightly different here because the option "auto-tune" has been set to allow the Harmonizer to detect as best it can the actual spindle speed during the sample. This is needed to best adjust the harmonic filters used by the Harmonizer. After pressing enter, it suggests the next alternative spindle speed as shown below right.


The adjustment in spindle speed can be made, and if no chatter is found it will look like below with a green indicator light (a similar screen is displayed if no chatter is found on the initial recording, both will have adjusted spindle speeds if the "auto-tune" function is activated, see Options Section of this manual). The user can either attempt a deeper cut or is free to adjust the chip load (feed rate) within the manufacturer's ranges, because the cut is now stable.

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